Before the end of the 2016 year, on the 16th of November, CIVICA Mobilitas organised a national forum in Struga, titled ”Time of Challenges”, gathering representatives of civil society organisations from all over Macedonia. The forum acted as a space for sharing ideas and practices, but also as an opportunity to network and prepare action plans.

Since CID is one of the organisations receiving a structural grant from CIVICA Mobilitas, the organisation was represented on the forum by Dragana Jovanovska, the Secretary General of CID. The one day forum used panel and group discussions to share good practices, discuss the challenges they encounter in implementing their initiatives, discovering the common space for joint actions. Some of the topics explored during the forum were related to countering violent extremism, addressing violence against women, presenting various forms in which youth can be engaged through non-formal education, promotion of human values, tackling corruption, etc.

More about the program of the forum and details about the contents can be found here.