Project place: Istanbul, Turkey

Project dates: 10.01.2017 – 17.01.2017

Application deadline: 08.12.2016

Context of the Project

We  (Turkiye Avrupa Vakfı – ) would like to improve the quality of the projects in the frame of EVS. Cause of the last minute partnerships or not agreeing on the participant profile creates huge problem in the long run, both hosting and sending organizations. Within this project we will be able to share good and bad examples in the frame of EVS for contributing the development of high quality projects. Sustainable partnerships will be formed after our project and we would like to carry out our projects we want to carry out the work on the elaboration of that comply voluntarily with the requirements and expectations.

The purpose of our project,

–  Pioneering the establishment of sustainable partnerships

– Improving the quality of EVS projects in the youth field

– Providing the suitable projects for young people with fewer opportunities

– Dealing the quality issues on the EVS projects organized for young people with fewer opportunities

– Create an awareness about EVS and youthwork

Our project is planned as Erasmus+ Youth Mobility of Indiviuals ( Mobility of Youth workers ) in between the dates 10-17 January 2017 from 16 different institutions and 15 different countries ( Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania Macedonia, Croatia, Italy, Romania, Portugal, Greece, Estonia, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the United Kingdom, Turkey) in Istanbul to create sustainable partnerships in the frame of EVS Programme with 33 participants and 3 experienced trainers.

The methodology we will use based on the common non-formal education and our participants can form a partnership in establishing sustainable partnerships between them and the work will be performed by communicating between each other. The process of group work, case studies, field visits are planned using methods such as visual presentations and outdoor activities.

With activities within the scope of our project, the development of information about EVS projects of our participants, formation of sustainable partnerships.  The participation of institutions and organizations in the process they will become able to develop strategies for the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities to develop. Besides that, in the long run, it will increase the visibility of young people with fewer opportunities in EVS projects and at the same time establishing sustainable partnerships, will increase level of the quality of EVS projects.


The participant profile:

– Over 18 EVS coordinator / mentor or Youth Worker

– Participated on EVS or involved in EVS Project

– Has an authority to take a decision from sending organization

– Has the capacity to represent himself in English

– Has motivation to work on the issue of inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities

– Previously participated an  EVS Project or involved in EVS Process as mentor / coordinator in their organizations

Financial aspect of the project

Accommodation and food will be covered by the hosting organization.
Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 275 EUR. (Reimbursement will be done after receiving all the original boarding passes, invoices and tickets).

Sending fee 500 MKD
Participation fee: NONE