From 6th to 13th of January 2017, 6 young people from Macedonia took part in Erasmus+ Training Course “Volunteer! Get Better-Make Better”. The aim of the project was to raise awareness’s of youths and youth workers about skills developing aspects of volunteering. This project gathered together more than 20 people from 7 countries: Macedonia, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Poland and our host Turkey. This was amazing journey where we developed our skills, gain new knowledge about volunteering opportunities worldwide and maybe most important- we gained new friendships, and some of them will lasts forever.

We had very warm and helpful hosting organization. They shared with us their knowledge and encouraged us to share the best practices from our countries. We had a lot of useful workshops from which we learned that by volunteering we not only help those people who are in need, but we are also working on our personal development at the same time. Volunteering helps us to become more mature, more empathetic and more aware about people’s needs. In Izmir, during the training course, we conducted street interviews with local citizens about their opinion on volunteering, we visited local NGOs who are working with volunteers and then we presented our projects and their outcomes in front of the students at Ege University in Izmir.

The best thing was that we were learning and having fun at the same time. We explored the night life there and we loved it. We are extremely happy that we had a chance to experience this amazing journey and to create incredible memories thanks to CID, our sending organization.

And here is the video, to share a visual perspective from the activity:

Elena, Xhejlan, Shelzen, Egzon, Ivana and Jetmir.