Project place: Belgrade, Serbia

Project dates: 25 March – 02 April 2017

Application deadline 10 February 2017


About the training

Ongoing European migrant crisis is characterized by insufficient understanding for migrants and refugees and even an increase of racism and xenophobia in European countries. This Project is based on a strong belief that getting to know “the other” (foreigner) is the best way to overcome prejudices, establish an intercultural dialogue and build mutual understanding, and that the process of getting to know “the other” is most efficiently carried out through culture and art, which is a powerful tool of education, developing empathy and activism.



  1. Increase the capacity of youth organizations/workers to, using the power of art – namely film, promote and build an inclusive, intercultural society, based on the principles of tolerance and intercultural understanding without racism and xenophobia, especially related to the Middle East migrants and refugees
  2. Stimulate active participation of young people in promoting (young) migrants and refugees social inclusion
  3. Foster intraregional and transregional cooperation between 11 youth NGOs from 10 European countries


Main objectives

  1. Realising a training during which 33 youth workers from 11 youth NGOs will be educated to build and promote an inclusive, intercultural society without racism and xenophobia, fight for social inclusion of migrants and refugees through art (film), and to use film in education and youth activism;
  2. Creating two multilingual online courses: a) on history, arts and culture of the Middle East and b) on the use of film to fight against racism and xenophobia and build an intercultural society;
  3. Creating an informative-educative website dedicated to social inclusion of migrants and refugees and fight against racism and xenophobia through film;
  4. Producing two short films about migrants and refugees;
  5. Establishing strong cooperation among partner NGOs


Participants would ideally meet the following criteria:
  • Between 18 -35 years old
  • to be youth worker or youth activists;
  • to have a certain knowledge about European migrant crisis or strong desire to acquire it;
  • to have experience or desire to work with youth migrants and refugees;
  • to be interested in the culture of the Middle East;
  • to be interested in cinematographic art;
  • to possess a strong interest in promoting inclusive growth (through film) and to act as peer educators;
  • to be creative;
  • to be interested in youth policy on local and European level;
  • to be willing to cooperate with their European colleagues;
  • to be fluent in English.


Financial aspect of the project

Accommodation and food will be covered 100%  by the hosting organization. The participants will be accommodated in hotel Compass River City

Travel costs will be covered up to 180 euro (Reimbursement will be done after receiving all the original tickets and invoices)


Participation fee: NONE
Sending fee 500 MKD