Project place: Alt Empordà, Catalonia, Spain

Project dates: 10-15 March 2017

Application deadline 05 February 2017

​​About the seminar

“Learn and get inspired from the past” is an international seminar organised in the framework of two projects that contribute to the work SCI does in the field of refugees: PATH – Peace activism through lessons from history of forced migration and A Route to connect: youngsters crossing borders for a better Europe.

The seminar will be held at Alt Empordà, Catalonia, a meaningful place on the border between Spain and France, where, between January and February 1939, “la retirada” took place, i.e. 500000 people crossed the border to escape from the Spanish Civil, after the franquist troops took Barcelona. Participants will follow the refugee route and be introduced to historical spots, among which the Exile Memorial Museum (MUME). Related to that, the participants will also examine (other) examples of SCI actions related to refugees (in the past and nowadays).

The seminar’s main result is recognising memory as a strong tool for understanding the present and mobilizing activism and solidarity within the actual situation. Another important part of the seminar is raising awareness about the refugee situation and its main components connected with the origin of conflicts, migration flows and routes, legal framework, destinations and new hosting countries. Working with media, participants will collect significant information and stories from the past that could function as an inspiration for working in the actual situation.

These media outcomes will contribute to the final video and remembrance exposition about the project.



The seminar is meant to inspire young refugees, youngsters and youth workers working and/or willing to work with refugees by connecting the past with the present and possibly near future.



  • To raise awareness about the condition of refugees on their route to and in Europe, with a focus on the past
  • To spread and disseminate stories of refugees
  • To activate youngsters in being actors of social change, together with older generations of activists, and to strive to shape society as they wish it would look like, through the exposition of examples coming also from the past.

Specific objectives

  • To learn how forced migration was bedded in the past, and relate that to the present situation in Europe
  • To examine the role that SCI had in supporting affected people as to inspire activation of youngsters nowadays
  • To discuss the current refugee-issue in Europe and its effects on local society
  • To set a proper framework and create guidelines/materials to be used for future activities within SCI (field study trip on Balkan route, Building Bridges campaign)
  • To examine the concept of social inclusion in its historic context and compare that to youth-and volunteer work today and then


Participants would ideally meet the following criteria
  • Above 18 years old
  • Interested and/or active in working with refugees
  • Interested in history of Spanish civil war
  • Interested and/or experienced in working with media
  • Motivated to collect and spread powerful stories
  • Motivated to raise awareness on the topic
  • Willing to be an actor of change within and beyond your local context
  • Willing to represent his/her sending organization (CID)


Financial aspect of the project

All food and accommodation costs during the seminar are covered.

Travel costs will be covered up to 180 €. Reimbursement will be done after receiving all original boarding passes and invoices.


Participation fee: NONE
Sending fee 500 MKD