Mirlinda: I recently participated in the seminar ”NFE in Europe reloaded”, an international seminar on improving non-formal education practices in Europe. This seminar was held between 3-11 February 2017 in Sremski Karlovci in Serbia. The seminar gathered practitioners of non-formal education and youth workers from Albania, Croatia, Finland, Lithuania, Serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo.

During the seminar we had experts from the healthcare sector, corporate sector and cultural sector to talk about their experience in applying NFE practices to their field. Participants from Finland, Spain and Croatia organized mini-workshops to share their work and the challenges that they face in their organizations. The trainers organized different exercises which stimulated participatory learning among participants, and they produced a final collective publication about non-formal education. The participants could exchange with each other and as well could spend some free time with each other during the free day for social activities in the program and the afternoons.

The most important learning outcome was to improve the knowledge about non-formal education practices that I can apply in my job as a teacher and as a trainer.

Sofija: I just came back from the ”NFE in Europe Reloaded” training from Sremski Karlovci, Serbia and it was an amazing experience! I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to be part of a project like this, many thanks to CID for supporting me! Great hosting organisation, awesome trainers, really professional. For me, as a young person who is directly involved in the educational process, it was a fruitful experience because I learned many things about methods and techniques in NFE, what quality and efficiency mean, etc. This training helped me to make a better picture and to build stronger opinions about youth practices. I really enjoyed the sessions and guest experts like Darko Markovic, Boris Caksiran etc. Otherwise, it was a nice opportunity to share some thoughts about life with those extremely intelligent and positive people as well. I had so much fun, visiting Novi Sad, the food and accommodation….pretty much perfect! 🙂

Ana: First of all, I want to thank CID for the amazing opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful project. Starting from my first impression about Sremski Karlovci and its welcoming atmosphere and hosts, till my last day there I was feeling wonderful.  I took part in many group exercises where I shared my knowledge about NFE, improved my proficiency on the topic and reached a new level of skills and capabilities. Participating in this seminar contributed to my theoretical and practical understanding of the subject, making me feel very proud for being part of the project. Also, it was a pleasure to work and discuss with our guest experts and be part of a great audience which was carefully listening to their creative presentations.  So, I want to praise the excellent selection of the target group and the overall organisation at all.

Significantly, meeting people, discovering different cultures and establishing new friendships contributed to the harmonic ambiance, work atmosphere and interesting fun happenings during our free time, which is something that I will never forget.