Since its establishment, the MultiКулти youth center has gained popularity among the youngsters of Kumanovo. It is the place where they go to change the pace from the school-home routine, where they relax in a friendly atmosphere and where they find support for their ideas and initiatives. For this reason, our team is working on making sure that the opportunities provided by the youth center are not limited in their geographical outreach, bringing the youth center in the online realm.

From the drive to constantly improve the quality of our educational offer, the MultiКулти online platform was born: Available in Albanian and Macedonian, it was designed to diversify the offer of educational activities that the youth center is providing and, more importantly, to broaden the range and the outreach of our beneficiaries by making it accessible on the go to anyone interested.

So what is the added value of having an online platform for a youth center? It brings an important change in the way in which workshops are conducted at the moment: by using the online modules, the facilitators will be able to conduct their workshops both in the physical space of the youth center and online, making it easier to schedule more workshops per week and to follow the individual progress of the participants. Being online also means easily reaching the participants and providing valuable information and resources.

As a registered member on the website, every user will have their own profile that will allow them to view all the events, participate in discussions, leave comments and give their opinion in surveys. Their profile will give them access to the Moodle platform, where they can access all the available classes at a certain moment. The classes will be held in Albanian, Macedonian and English and will cover a variety of topics, based on the interest of the young people themselves.

Innovation is a crucial element of youth work, and by walking hand in hand with the newest technologies we are making sure that our youngsters have access to quality educational content through tools that they find interesting and exciting. Having that in mind, we also designed a mobile application, named MultiКулти, available for download on Google Play. Once installed, the application sends notifications to the users about new events, courses, workshops, surveys, opportunities, etc. In the future we plan to develop the application so that it becomes more interactive and useful for the users.

Both the application and the Moodle platform are accessible directly from the website. We wish our users a pleasant and educational experience!


The activities in the youth center are supported by CIVICA Mobilitas.