Zlatka Sazdova is currently an EVS volunteer in Kraków, Poland. Being in the middle of her EVS longterm project, she agreed to share with us how the project is going, what activities she is part of and how her integration went:

”My name is Zlatka Sazdova, I might doing my EVS in Kraków, Poland and my project lasts for 9 months. I work in a school for children with mental disabilities and my role in my hosting organisation is to assist the teachers in taking care for all of our students. I am more specifically assigned to a class of adolescents ranging from 18-22 years old, whose learning is focused on developing practical and technical skills. The only challenge I had coming here was the language barrier, which, given the line of my work, is an essential tool for communication. However, being exposed to the language for the majority of my day and having the help of a language teacher, I overcame this barrier quite easily.

Since living abroad and being exposed to a multicultural environment in general is something I am quite used to, I can say that the greatest learning impact comes from my work and from the relationship I have developed with my amazing kids. It is something that is truly irreplaceable. With my field of study being psychology and with my academic involvement in the social sciences, I think this project will add up to my practical experience and will be a good stepping stone to where I want my future to go.”

We wish Zlatka to continue to enjoy her volunteering experience and to bring a positive change to the community she is serving.