Center for Intercultural Dialogue is looking for 4 facilitators to facilitate 3 day modules of workshops for intercultural learning with young people on a youth camp that will be held in April and May in Ohrid, Macedonia.

The programme aims to build intercultural competences among youth from diverse cultural and religious background from various communities in Kumanovo, to create a safe space for intercultural dialogue and cultural awareness about diversity, and to build up the competences on leadership and youth civic engagement in the community.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • To develop and prepare the overall program and working methodology.
  • Prepare session outlines for each of the workshop sessions and prepare a short report
  • Facilitate the sessions and provide suitable learning environment for all participants
  • Provide expert input on the topic of intercultural dialogue
  • Perform the tasks and responsibilities professionally, effectively and efficiently
  • Each facilitator shall evaluate the programme workshops


Relevant competences to:

  • Design educational programmes:
    • Develop an educational approach based on the principles and values of non-formal learning;
    • Transfer knowledge or values related to the activity to the group of learners;
  • Intercultural competence
    • Awareness of one’s own identity;
    • Ability to look at identity, culture and related aspects and dimensions from different perspectives;
    • Critically reflect about and take distance from one’s own perceptions, biases, and stereotypical constructions of reality;
  • Communicate meaningfully with others
    • Ability to listen actively;
    • Ability to be empathetic;
    • Ability to express clearly thoughts, feelings and emotions;
    • Sensitivity to identity-related issues;
    • Sensitivity to diversity.
  • Cooperate successfully in teams
    • Contributing actively to the tasks of a team;
    • Readiness to take on responsibility;
    • Be aware of the team processes and how they affect the team effectiveness;
    • Deal constructively with disagreements.
  • Understand and facilitate individual and group learning processes
    • Choosing, adapting or creating appropriate methods;
    • Creating an inspiring and safe learning environment;
    • Stimulating active participation, motivating and empowering learners;
    • Understanding and facilitating the dynamic in a group in a way which is favorable to different ways of learning.
  • Two years experience in youth work
  • Fluent in Macedonian language or Albanian language

DEADLINE to apply: 31.03.2017

How to apply: If interested, send your CV and Motivation Letter to  or

Download the full call here.