For the #motiv8 adventure, May was the month dedicated to business and entrepreneurship. And what a surprise – around 40 youngsters came to MultiКулти, curious about how the business world works and what branding is.

For 2 weekends, the group has explored what it means to establish a brand, to understand the needs of the customers and to master the art of business thinking. The group worked on creating a brand for a coffee mug that is sustainable and nature-friendly, which was presented on the final conference.

The final conference gathered around 60 people around the round table of the Komitet room in Kumanovo. From designers to hairdressers to bar and shop owners, the panel speakers shared their success stories and gave the participants tips on what matters when designing a business idea.

What stood out as a powerful idea throughout the speeches is that creativity is very important. Hard work makes the dream work, but a pinch of creativity can really make the difference in terms of the success and outreach of the business.

Finally, all the speakers encouraged youth to try to develop business ideas in Kumanovo, because it a dynamic place in which youthful spirit is much needed.

Vesa Sefedini, a participant in the workshops and in the conference, mentioned that she managed to understand better the inside realities of being in the business sector:

”I am grateful to Aleksandra Mihajlovska, the coordinator, and to Sandra and Arta, the facilitators, for giving us the chance to develop some branding skills and to present our brand idea at the conference. We worked on a branding idea that nobody has on the market yet; we presented it to the speakers and the participants and I hope that maybe one day we will manage to conquer the market with it”.

The Motiv8 project is supported by UNDP Macedonia.