Project place: Greece, Albania and Macedonia

Project dates: 14-26 July 2017

Greece (Thessaloniki) – 14/18 July 2017
Albania (Saranda) – 18/22 July 2017
Macedonia (Ohrid) – 22/26 July 2017

Application deadline: 11th June




36th YEU Convention represents the second activity of our annual workplan “VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE”. The convention, entitled “CYCLE OF LIFE: TRY WALKING IN MY SHOES”, will gather around 50 young people across Europe.

Throughout the convention we will go deeper into the topics of intercultural dialogue from gender perspective, we will discuss about and analyse intercultural societies, through cultural traditions related to cycle of life events: birth; adulthood and death and we will try to deconstruct them and approach them with gender sensitive lenses. The aim of the activity is to take participants to a journey of a lifetime asking them: how do you celebrate birth, how do you grow up and how do you mourn. But there will be a twist: for each of the traditions presented, they will have to put on new gender glasses. Apart from learning about other cultures’ traditions, we will be relating each one of them to certain human and social rights as well as discussing the gender roles: when do we start imposing gender boxes, do we accept those that are out of the boxes or we label them as the strange ones, not-normal, not-natural?

We live in ever-changing societies – at the same time world seems both so close but so distant and estranged at the same time. There is a need to connect among people, but at the same time, there is lack of understanding of the differences that exist among us: are we the same as we are always saying?

We in YEU believe that there is a need to enhance understanding about our cultures and identities. How independent we are from norms imposed by societies/communities in which we live in? 

Being human, showing solidarity and accepting people in need should be priority for each one of us. How to ensure intercultural dialogue especially from gender perspective if not by understanding and accepting the differences of your neighbours and of each individual as such? 



– To get to know other cultures through simulation of most important life events
– To learn how to think outside of the gender boxes by breaking the stereotypes set by cultural and gender norms
– To show that different and more equal world is possible by offering different solutions for current practices
– To test the approaches and methodologies before and after Convention



Non-formal education methods will be used throughout the convention as we strongly believe in its power to develop the competences of young people. In this process of learning, there are no teachers and students. The activities are organized according to the needs of the participants while the sharing of experiences in healthy environments of trust and mutual respect is encouraged.



We are looking for dedicated and committed young people with good level of interest regarding topics of the programme who can dedicate themselves to the whole process and contribute to development of new approaches to gender and intercultural dialogue.

  • Between the age range of 18 to 30;
  • Are able to work in English;
  • Are committed to work for the successful implementation of the convention;
  • Full attendance for the duration of the Convention;
  • At least basic knowledge on the topics of the Convention.



All costs related to accommodation and food will be covered by the hosting organization.

Travel costs will be covered up to 200 EURO.  Reimbursements will be done based on actual travel costs upon presenting the original documents and in accordance with conditions described in this call as well as with YEU standard reimbursement procedure.

*You should travel to Thessaloniki on 14th July and depart from Ohrid on 26th July. The transfer from one venue to another will be organized and covered by YEU.



Participation fee: 30 EUR

Sending fee: 500 MKD