During a period of 10 days, from 14th to 23rd of May we participated in a training course in Balestrand, Norway. The training course was about Global education, on the topic HOME – Help Our Mother Earth. We had a wonderful week with 25 participants from 8 countries (Romania, Greece, Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Norway) in the Ciderhouse in Balestrand. We had many discussions about responsible consumption, climate change, global citizenship and youth mobility.

The aim of the course was to develop the competences of the participants to think globally and act locally, to become better global citizens and to motivate us to become more active in the area of global and environmental issues.

During the project, we had Hellen Campbell, the Head of Delegation of the European Union to Norway, as our guest, joining our youth mobility discussion.

We also had the unique opportunity to participate in the Norway National Day parade. During the parade, local children carried tri-color flags and sided with marching bands in school parades. Buildings were also cloaked with Norwegian flags, while parade-goers wore red, white and blue ribbons or traditional folk garments.

The hospitality, hard work and dedication of the hosts and the trainers made our stay in Balestrand unforgettable. Moreover, the beauty of our surrounding, the views and landscapes contributed even more to our impressions. Waking up every morning with the view of the biggest and deepest fjord in Norway, and the beautiful mountains all around, was an amazing and breathtaking experience.

Special thanks to CID for giving us the chance to be part of such an amazing experience, but most of all, for having the chance to participate in such a useful, eye-opening and motivating training course that we will for sure be glad to share with them and in our local communities as well.