Within the project ”Fostering of Advanced Inter-ethnic Dialogue and Inter-community Relations”, Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) from Kumanovo is organising intercultural workshops from April to December of this year.

In order to further promote the MultiКулти Youth Center as a space for dialogue among the citizens of different communities, these intercultural courses were designed to create space to further develop the language and intercultural skills of the young people.

Ardit, one of the participants of the courses, shared his opinion on the workshops:

“I like the courses because through the activities we are doing we are feeling better and we are learning more through the interactive and informal learning. The facilitator is explaining us very well and we are delighted with her commitment to learn more about communication and culture. The activities are so active that the hour passes so fast that we do not notice it at all.”

On the other hand, Nate Jovcevska added:

“I joined these workshops because I always wanted to learn different languages. And here I learned a lot and I will continue to be part of the same. The entertainment and education activities that are so well combined by the facilitator are making these workshops very creative.”

The participants are provided with the necessary teaching materials as well as the facilitator team is composed of competent people in intercultural learning that makes the process easier for participants to understand the culture and the language.

The workshops are held in the MultiКулти Youth Center and are supported by the OSCE Mission to Skopje.