In June the Motiv8 adventure came to an end; this month it was dedicated to healthy living. The youngsters interested in being healthier and more physically active gathered and attended the offered workshops to get advice and to learn new tricks and methods.

This month had a special twist – all the four workshops were held in different places. The first workshop was held in MultiКулти, where young people talked about healthy  food, what is the meaning of the meals and which of them is the most important.

The second workshop was held in an open space, where they learned and exercised various physical exercises that have an impact on the body, muscles and health.

A third workshop was held at the Fit Club Phoenix, together with the facilitators who are professionals in this area. The young people were shown what exercises they were practicing at the club and later they did those exercises.

The fourth workshop was held at the Dance Fusion studio. Young people learned the techniques of modern ballet from professional dancers and trainers.

One of the participants in this group, Jovana Andonovska, mentioned about these workshops the following:

When I heard about #motiv8, I wanted to come and see where I was wrong in my diet and what is the way to improve it. The facilitators showed us by using interesting methods how to be fit; I learned many new exercises. This was a challenge for me, a new area and I am grateful to Boban and Robert for guiding us.

Also, Boban Panzevski, one of the facilitators of these workshops, shared:

The purpose of these workshops was to understand the experiences and routines of the participants to see the moments where they can improve their lifestyle. Through basic nutrition plans, basic exercises and exercise techniques, participants learned how to change their lifestyle themselves.

They organized their own group where they motivate each other, send pictures and videos from their trainings and daily menus, which is why these habits are expected to grow into a long-term lifestyle.