One of the long-term projects that CID is implementing this year is the KA2 project named ”STAND UP against bullying”. The project explores how the stakeholders working with youth can address the issue of bullying and can design efficient methods for prevention of and fight against bullying in schools.

Between the 26th of June and the 1st of July, a joint staff meeting took place in Skopje, Macedonia, and was hosted by CID. The 21 participants coming 7 countries spent one week discussing and learning about how intercultural learning and non-formal education can be used in reducing bullying cases in schools and other settings related to youth.

The objectives of the training were the following:

  • To explore how non-formal education can be used to counter bullying, racism and xenophobia
  • To promote intercultural awareness among the participants
  • To develop the competence of working in an intercultural environment
  • To share good practices for dealing with racism, xenophobia and bullying in schools

The training was conducted following the non-formal education methodology and it included sessions that focused on understanding the concepts of racism, xenophobia and bullying; exploring different good practices from the local realities of the partners, developing activities that focus on intercultural learning. The participants had the chance to learn from each other as well and to enrich their experience on the topic.

The next activity in the project will be a study visit that will happen in Poland in September 2017. In the meantime, the participants in the joint staff training are planning follow-up activities where they will apply the knowledge in their schools and institutions.