Together with Jovana we participated in the Erasmus+ TC “Let’s learn from each other! Volume 3”, held between 24th and 31st of July 2017 in Litija and Maribor, Slovenija.

Focusing on discovering the opportunities of the Erasmus+ Youth in Action program, mentoring youth and learning about youth work, we are now both equipped with the necessary knowledge about how to work more efficiently with young people and develop new Erasmus+ projects. The whole week was fulfilled with many workshops done with different methodologies which we can apply back in our country. Additionally, we had visited 3 local organizations in Litija and had the chance to get first-hand experience about their work and learn from sharing good practices. The great mixture of 11 different countries allowed us to broaden our horizons, break barriers and see how same things are done differently in different countries. This also gave us the chance to do networking and find mind-alike people who are now our friends but with huge possibility that their organizations become our partners for future projects.

In the light of the above, all I can say is that I am eagerly looking forward to ‘Let’s learn from each other! Volume 4”.


Marijana Asprovska
participant of “Let’s learn from each other! Volume 3”