Dates of the project: 8th August to 15th November

About the project:

Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) is organizing civic initiatives as part of the Move Your Finger Campaign which aims to encourage action and active participation of people in solving their important social issues in their community.

These initiatives will cover the Region of Kumanovo including Lipkovo and Strao Nagorichane and will focus on engaging young people which are ready to create a positive social change in their community.

The initiatives will provide a space for young people to share their ideas and turn them into grassroots actions that will positively affect their community.

This project will offer a space to develop up to 7 initiatives that reflect on the needs of the members of the communities of Kumanovo, Lipkovo and Staro Nagoricane. Each initiative will be mentored and supported by CID in its preparation and implementation of the initiatives.

Community Gatherings will be organized in Kumanovo, Lipkovo and Staro Nagoricane with an aim for young people to reflect on their problems and identify the needs of their community, moreover groups of young people will be formed that will work on creating a solution plan of the identified problems.

With mentorship from CID staff and members, young people will implement the community initiatives. At the end of the project, a joint activity will be organized to promote the initiatives in their respective communities.