In the true meaning of the festival spirit, music is the most important but music is not everything!

D-Festival is the best place where you can find the right connection between music and the positive values of love, freedom, unity, diversity and equality. The open air festival this year was held from 14th to 16th July in Dojran with more than 50 music performers and volunteers from association and organizations.

For me D-Festival  is a perfect place where you can find a corner where you can enjoy and take active participation in numerous events, panel discussions, workshops, various campaigns, competitions, exhibitions, art, gaming zone and the other activities that make this festival unique.  During this festival, the participants gained an enormous experience in every fields of life. Sleeping in tents while outside is rainy, overnight party, lying on the beach and working on the stand, sending nice messages, making pictures with the Instagram frame, make funny videos, posting notifications for the Treasure Hunt… all this left a deep stain in my heart. In these three days we learnt how to represent the positive creative energy in our society and how to support each other in the best and in the worst situations. And, if you are open-minded and you want to exchange ideas, opinions, creative energies and dialogues while enjoying the festival performances, then don’t hesitate and next year take a part in the  D-festival!

Teodora Mladenovska, volunteer in the CID Team at D-Festival 2017.