Project place: Ferrara, Italy

Project dates: 21st – 29th October 2017

Application deadline: URGENT!!!




This training course “NFE – opportunity for inclusion and acceptance of immigrants and asylum seekers” is part of the project “Youth work and youth trainings for inclusion and acceptance of diversity” which puts accent on organising quality non-formal education activities for intercultural acceptance and inclusion of excluded/marginalised groups and especially of immigrants and asylum seekers.


Specific objectives of the training course are:

  • To share realities and experiences with discrimination, exclusion and marginalization of different groups (including migrants and refugees) in different European countries
  • To explore and promote intercultural acceptance of diversity and respect of Fundamental / Human Rights in Europe
  • To increase participants’ ability to deeply understand and empathise with different socially excluded and marginalised groups in our communities
  • To analyse the implemented practices and to recommend how best to use the NFE and experiential learning for inclusion and acceptance of immigrants and asylum seekers in our youth work
  • To encourage creativity in developing new or adapting existing methods of NFE for inclusion and acceptance of diversity youth work
  • To provide interaction of our youth workers with asylum seekers and thus to get out youth workers motivated for more consistent engagement on youth work for inclusion and acceptance


The training course will be hosted in the hostel in Ferrara (IT) which is social enterprise and employs and gathers asylum seekers to offer them opportunity to be employed while waiting for their asylums to be resolved. Thus, in the programme of that training course we have planned and arranged the whole afternoon of Living Library with the asylum seekers. Thanks to that innovative element, our participants will be able to see specific NFE method (Living library) adapted for the specific circumstances and target groups and will be inspired and motivated to work on issues of inclusion and acceptance of diversity deeply.


Training course is based on the approach, principles and methods of non-formal education. The language of the training course will be English.



The participants should fulfil the following criteria:

  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Active youth workers willing to apply and multiply the knowledge received on the training course
  • Willing to take action in the field of inclusion and acceptance of diversity of immigrants, refugees and other youth with fewer opportunities, setting up the international and local NFE projects
  • Willing to enter into partnerships with participants from different organisations and countries
  • Willing to develop and implement Erasmus+ YiA projects tackling issues of accepting diversity in Europe when it comes to immigrants, refugees and other marginalised groups





All costs related to accommodation and food will be covered by the hosting organization.

Travel costs will be covered up to 275 EUR.  The travel costs will be reimbursed according to E+ rules. It will happen upon collecting all tickets and invoices and calculating all costs.



Participation fee: NONE
Sending fee: 500 MKD