Project place: Kumanovo, Macedonia

Project dates: 24th – 29th September 2017

Application deadline: URGENT!!!



The long-term project “Social Inclusion through Entrepreneurship ” works to ensure more inclusion of citizens with fewer opportunities by providing (social) entrepreneurship education. It is a project where innovation from Germany, Belgium and Macedonia will be exchanged and summarized in a joint publication and it will result with a new curricula as an intellectual output.
The project aims to develop capacity of educators and leaders who are active and experienced in adult learning programmes, to design and deliver educational programmes, to facilitate inclusion and to initiate employability. This will be done by supporting the promotion of social entrepreneurship through adult learning programmes. The project will explore the possibilities and tools on how to increase participation of citizens with fewer opportunities in the Erasmus+ projects based on the Inclusion Strategy of Erasmus+ and the European Commission’ guidelines for working with migrants and refugees, and good practices, how the organizations can motivate and prepare people to take active part and to gain new skills that will help them for their social and professional development. In this regards, all selected partners have good practices to showcase and will learn from each other but also to disseminate the learned outcomes to other citizens leaders back home and promote the different practices of entrepreneurship education in adult learning programmes.
The project starting date is 01.09.2016 and the ending date is 28.02.2018, with a total duration of 18 months. It is consisted of 3 parts: training course in Germany, training course in Macedonia and a study visit in Belgium.
About the training course in Macedonia
This training course is focused on linking adult education and entrepreneurship. During the training course participants will learn how to link adult learning on inclusion with social entrepreneurship and get an entirely new way to build capacity of the adult learning providers field to work on social entrepreneurship. It will be a combination of training of trainers, coaches and educators, offering didactic inputs on methodology and methods, practical tools and activities based on experiential learning and the Kolb Cycle. The methodology is designed in the way that meets the objectives of the project and learning objectives of participants.


During the training course we will use a variety of non-formal learning methods and techniques with set specific learning objectives in order to address the different needs of participants and desired outcomes. In relaxed, flexible atmosphere the participants will get to know each other and will be given a space to exchange experiences, share practical and theoretical knowledge on the topics, through workshops, processes & interactive exercises and other non-formal educational methods. All the topics will be brought to attention using the ‘learning by doing’ methodology, where the participant becomes the protagonist of the learning experience, gets new insights and learning after observing and reflecting over their behavior in different exercises, games, processes and role plays and gets a possibility to try out new approaches, ways of communicating and actions in a safe environment of a group setting. The participants will acquire the skills and knowledge to transfer the used methods to concerned parties outside of the project.

  • Age above 18
  • Educators and leaders active and experienced in adult learning programmes
  • Interested in social entrepreneurship
  • Willing to design and deliver educational programmes
  • Able to facilitate inclusion and to initiate employability
  • Able to work in English

There will be 3 participants from Germany, 3 from Belgium and 3 from Macedonia.


All costs related to accommodation and food will be covered by the hosting organization.
Travel costs will be covered up to the amount of the price of a return bus ticket.  

Participation fee: NONE
Sending fee: 500 MKD