The youth workshop, organised between the 2nd and 5th of September in Ohrid, Macedonia, was the third workshop in the cycle leading to the organisation of the Kumanovo run on the 7th of October. Baki and Elena attended the workshop and are sharing their experience with us:

The workshop sessions were organised with the aim to prepare the run in Kumanovo, part of the project Born 2 Run. This was a great experience for me; I learned more about oranising an event, how to face potential problems, how to create a good strategy that will help everyone know their role and contribute to the event. All the facilitators successfully delivered the content to us and encouraged our sense of initiative to organise something i our own city, in order to bring about real change. Through games and simulations we managed to come to important conclusions and because of that I really liked the methodology.

The first two days we got the whole picture of what is an event, how to work in a team, how to coordinate successfully in a group, how to reach an agreement. On the third day we got closer to the topic of Born 2 Run and worked in 3 teams: volunteers, smaller activities during the event and offline promotion of the event. Every group had their own facilitator who mentored us. Our task will be to help the other groups to realise their activities successfully.

We prepared a form for volunteers and their rights and responsibilities; and a table for needs and goals. After all the groups shared ideas on how to realise a successful event and prepared the steps. Even if those were not the final decisions, they helped us define the right direction. On the 10th of September we had a meeting in МултиКулти to see how many people will be helping.

The volunteers started to prepare the activities; they organised promotion in all the schools in Kumanovo and are currently doing the final preparations for the event.

The activities of this project are supported by the OSCE Mission to Skopje.