In the rush of organising several activities on local level (Born 2 Run youth exchange and races in partnership with Project2020 from Wales, short-term training course on social entrepreneurship in partnership with Out of the Box International from Belgium), Center for Intercultural Dialogue has held the second General Assembly of 2017 in the premises of the youth center, MultiKулти.

The main focus of this edition of the General Assembly was the election of a new Management Board. After a succinct presentation of the state of play of the organisation from the beginning of 2017, the members of the General Assembly proceeded to the voting process.

The newly elected members of the Management Board are as follows:

  • Dragana Jovanovska – Secretary General
  • Bojana Trajkovska – responsible for Finance and Administration
  • Nami Isaki – responsible for local activities
  • Matej Manevski – responsible for national and regional activities
  • Mila Josifovska – responsible for international activities
  • Elena Ceban – responsible for coordination of International relations and networking

The board has been elected for a period of 2 years. With high hopes for a successful collaboration and with a long action plan for the upcoming period, the board has welcomed 2 new members and is ready to take over the new portfolios. Something that will stay the same is the commitment of the board to lead CID in the direction that the General Assembly has envisioned for it.