SCI-Germany is looking for 2 volunteers in the office in Bonn, one volunteer from Macedonia and one volunteer from Ukraine.

Duration of voluntary service: 13 months, from 1st of March 2018 until 31st of March 2019                     
Who can apply –> Applicants with interest in workcamps, international cooperation, office- and administration work



General Information on SCI

Service Civil International (SCI) is a peace and voluntary service organisation with more than 45 branches and groups world-wide. The aims are to promote peace, international understanding and solidarity, social justice, sustainable development, and respect for the environment. SCI believes that all people are capable of living together with mutual respect and without recourse to any form of violence to solve conflicts. The organisation was founded in 1920.

In co-operation with social, ecological, cultural and anti-racist projects SCI-Germany organises about 50 workcamps every year. We do also other activities, like seminars, trainings, exchange of long-term-volunteers, but the main activity of our branch is to organize international and bilateral workcamps within Germany and to send volunteers to workcamps abroad.

For more information on the history, aims and international structures of SCI visit the website of SCI Germany or SCI International or of the branch in your home country.



About the project

The aim of the position, besides doing the placement of volunteers into workcamps, is to enable the volunteers to get acquainted with the work of SCI Germany and to provide a meaningful training experience in an organisation of international exchange and volunteer work. The chosen applicants will be encouraged to take part in different activities of our branch. They will be under the supervision of the project co-ordinators for international or bilateral exchange programmes.

An additional aim is to strengthen the co-operation of SCI Germany with the sending organisations in projects, trainings, communication, common activities etc. For this the volunteers who apply should have and describe some experience with the sending organisation, if possible.


The EVS has two aspects. From March to August is the workcamp-season. Both volunteers will be doing mundane office work in order to place volunteers into international workcamps in Germany and abroad.

The second aspect of the EVS is orientated to the interests and capacities of the volunteers. You can take part in a training for campleaders, lead a workcamp in Germany, organise your own projects, participate in seminars and other SCI events, etc.



Concrete tasks for the placement of volunteers into workcamps:

  • One EVS-volunteer (outgoing placement officer) will be in charge of sending volunteers from Germany to workcamps abroad. He/she will directly talk with volunteers, answer questions about workcamps and help them with the process. Most of the communication is possible in English, but good knowledge of German would be an asset.
  • The second EVS-volunteer (incoming placement officer) will be in charge of the selection and placement procedures of volunteers who wish to join a workcamp in Germany. He/she will communicate with other organizations that are part of the international SCI network on a daily basis. A good working command of English is important.
  • For the placement both EVS-volunteers will use the “Online Placement System” (in short OPS). OPS is an online database of SCI designed to keep record of workcamps and applications. Information about workcamps and applications is being uploaded there. You can get an impression of the OPS here.
  • Reliable communication with other SCI-Branches, partners and volunteers via e-mail, phone and skype is very important.
  • Both volunteers will support the public relations work of SCI Germany, especially in social media networks


Concrete tasks for other projects (mainly after the placement season):

The tasks are more open and you will have time to realise own project ideas. Here are some options:

  • Visit an SCI-workcamp in Germany to present SCI and check how the workcamp is going on
  • If interested the volunteers can lead an international workcamp in Germany after participating in a campleaders training as preparation.
  • Partipcation in SCI-Germany activities, for example our “Herbstfest” (big gathering of activists and volunteers which happens once a year in autumn), National general assembly of SCI Germany, etc.
  • Participation in an international conference within the SCI-network in order to evaluate and improve the cooperation  
  • Assisting the project coordinators and developing an own project (depending in interest and qualification of the volunteers).


To prepare for the work the volunteers will participate in an international training for placement officers in early February 2018 in Portugal, the dates are not fixed yet. In this training they will get to know many other volunteers who are going to support the work of other SCI offices all over Europe.



Accommodation/Pocket money/Food/Working hours/Holidays:
  • The volunteers will be provided with free accommodation in a flat for volunteers, which is in the same house as the SCI-office. To the house belongs a garden which can be used by the volunteers.
  • The volunteers will receive a monthly food allowance of 260 €.
  • The volunteers will get 120 € pocket money per month.
  • Regular working hours are 35 hours per week but some overtime may be necessary (free time will be given in lieu). It is necessary to be ready to work sometimes on weekends (workcamps, seminars etc.)
  • The volunteers will have two days of vacation per month (can be accumulated).
  • If needed, the volunteers will be enabled to join language training. The volunteers will participate in the online-language training of the European Commission for EVS volunteers.
  • The volunteers will be insured through the group plan for EVS volunteers.



  • Good knowledge of English and preferably also working or at least basic knowledge of German (in order to communicate with German volunteers and to advise them by phone or E-Mail)
  • Experience and motivation to do mundane office work, computer literacy
  • Good communication skills to motivate and counsel volunteers over the phone
  • Experience and motivation to work with social media to promote our workcamps and projects online
  • Preferably already experience in the field of workcamps and involvement in SCI or within the sending organisation
  • To work in a very reliable and responsible way
  • Flexibility, maturity and ability to handle stress
  • Ability to work in a team with staff members and with other volunteers
  • Independent and self-organised working attitude
  • Open minded and high motivation for volunteer work
  • Ready to travel a number of times during your service within Germany, mostly for the participation in the seminars


The project is open to everyone regardless of their ethnic background, religious conviction or sexual orientation. Due to the circumstances of the SCI office and the accommodation we cannot host volunteers with physical impairment (wheelchair etc.). We encourage men and women to apply for the project. We would like to host a man and a woman.



How to apply?

Please use the SCI application form, answer the motivation questions so that we can get an impression of you and send it together with your CV to with the subject “EVS in SCI Germany”.


Application deadline: 5th November 2017