Project place:  Vienna, Austria

Project dates: 8th – 13th February 2018

Application deadline: 10th December 2017



“The bigger picture: NFE for a global perspective” is a 6-day tool fair that is organized by the Austrian branch of the international peace organisation Service Civil International. The tool fair will bring together 39 participants from 18 countries in Europe and beyond (Armenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Tunisia, Slovenia, Hungary, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Switzerland and Croatia). The project will focus on an exchange of non-formal education tools and methods concerning the topic global education between these education practitioners.
The participants will be practitioners of global education and/or non-formal-education in a youth context. This means, they want to encourage young people to actively learn about global challenges and their interconnectedness with their own life and society. The participating organisations are active in a wide variety of global education. Some of them organize preparation seminars for young Europeans doing international voluntary services, do awareness-raising campaigns about global injustice, organize Theater of the Oppressed against racism or do school workshops about global power structures. At the seminar, existing and new methods will be tested, criticized, varied, evaluated and shared, all using non-formal education.
A big part of the project will be the exchange between different networks working with global education. The participating organisations are connected to networks such as GLEN, SCI, Alliance, ENAR, ICYE and the Clean Clothes Campaign. The strongest outcome will be a renewed version of the toolkit “Picturing the Global South: The Power Behind Good Intentions”, which is already widely used by global education practitioners all over Europe. The toolkit and the project as a whole try to strengthen a discourse on global education that is focused on issues such as justice, racism and colonial history.
Through the seminar, the organisation also wants to help create a stronger discourse on global power structures within Vienna. This is why a public event is planned as part of the project in Vienna.


All participants will be expected and stimulated to contribute to the discussions and present a workshop or/and global education methods they use.
All participants selected for this project must meet the following

  • be 18 years old or older
  • have at least a basic understanding of Global Education
  • be active in their sending organization
  • be able to work in English
  • be interested in the training topics and have strong motivation to act as multiplier
  • commit to implement the learned knowledge and skills in practice back home
  • commit to actively participate from the beginning to the end of the tool fair
  • willing to share their experience with CID

Please note that there will be opportunities to visit the city, but that this is not a “getting to know Vienna” project. On some days the tool fair also foresees evening sessions.

Financial and practical conditions of participation:

All essential costs of the programme in Vienna (including food, accommodation and training) will be covered by SCI Austria through a funding received by the European Commission as part of the Erasmus+ program. International travel costs will be reimbursed 100% up to 275 EUR.

Participation fee: NONE

Sending fee: 500 MKD