Project name: YOU ARE WELCOME: European Network for Integration of Refugees at Local Level and Combating Hate Speech
Supported byEuropean Commission, Europe for citizens Programme 
Period: 01.01.2017 – 31.12.2018
Partners:  Jugend-& Kulturprojekt e.V., Germany;
Landeshauptstadt, Germany;
Memorare Pacem, Germany;
Glaser Jakab Emlekalapitvany, Hungary;
Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council, UK;
AddArt, Greece;
Otherness project, Denmark;
Center for Intercultural Dialogue, Macedonia;
Institut pro regionaini rozvoj, o.p.s., Czech Republic;
Aristotle University, Greece

Description:  WELCOME arose from identification of the dangers of xenophobia, intolerance and discrimination
arising in Europe, and brings together 10 countries and 13 partners committed to support migrant
and refugee integration, community development and promoting evidence–based policy making
around migration. The aim of WELCOME is to deconstruct the process of migrants’ stigmatization,
help communities involved overcome stereotypes and develop counter narratives for more accurate
perceptions of migrants and refugees stemming in participating countries, especially in the UK,
Central Europe and countries along the Balkan-route.

Through project activities, in the “How We View Each Other” research phase, WELCOME will assess
how hate speech and propaganda arise on fertile ground of economic and security fears in selected
communities, and how they contribute to radicalized behaviors both from the indigenous
communities and new arrivals. Then, working with representatives of the most affected communities
(including third-country nationals legally residing in the EU) during the “Otherness Dialogue”
workshop, we will adapt the workshop content and give them skills to record educational videos and
conduct “You and I -We Are Not So Different” workshops, and encourage dissemination of learning
through social action.

Finally, at the Final Conference, we will strengthen the foundations for continued intercultural
dialogue and increase of mutual understanding. The legacy of WELCOME will be a European
transnational network of young activists, emerging leaders in their organizations, communities,
municipalities, with ambitions to actively combat stigmatization of “immigrants” and build counter
narratives to hate-speech. It will provide tools like the Educational Videos and a Guidebook to foster
intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and civic participation of third-country nationals, to
continue beyond the life of the project, and to connect to a wider European community.


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