Project name: STEP to Change, build the common path. A global initiative to empower youth organisations and to valorise the impact of volunteering (STEPS)

Supported by: Erasmus + programme
Period: 01-01-2017 – 01-09-2018
Partners: SCI Catalunya, CID Macedonia, SJ France, SCI Hellas, Egyesek Hungary, Concordia France, NVDA Cambodia, Solidarités Jeunesses France

The aim of this project is to empower IVS organisations according to each region’s needs in terms of organisational management and impact measurement and improvement. This shall be the start of a global diagnosis and the basis for the Monitoring and Empowerment System of the CCIVS.


  • To implement needs assessment and monitoring with the aim to establish an accurate diagnosis and a global training programme according to the needs of members and regions.
  • To empower and train IVS organisations professionals with organisational management techniques and with impact measurement tools.
  • To strengthen regional cooperation and participation in the Global Network
  • To implement an impact research and exploit its results, in order to raise visibility of the impact of International Voluntary Service.


  1. Self-training meeting end March 2016 in Europe for the core team who will oversee the implementation and the training for the project.
  2. 4 regional events* (in Africa, Asia, America, Europe) including training/monitoring on organisational management and impact in one country + Impact measurement visits in each of the participating countries, April – January 2018
  3. Final seminar in Europe to work on results and next steps in 2018.


  • Trained organisations on management and impact according to their needs and local realities
  • A diagnosis of the needs and capacities in each region
  • Trained professionals in each region to implement Impact measurement and provide training to other professionals in the region
  • A greater understanding of regional and international cooperation in the IVS network
  • Monitoring tools for the network
  • Improved Impact measurement tools
  • A Database – Pool of trainers and their specialties