December is the month to look back on the work done throughout the year and count the achievements. For CID, one of the biggest achievements has been the ever-growing family of members. This year, we gathered around 40 members of CID in Mavrovo, for a 2-day teambuilding camp.

We know each other from the office, from attending events together, from working on projects and initiatives. But do we know each other as individuals? This is what we wanted to achieve with the camp: better cohesion in the team, better understanding of each other, stronger connections and new friendships.

For 2 days, we had several sessions where we explored our roles in CID, the past, present and future of CID, we have done teambuilding activities to improve our level of trust and cooperation, and we have played many board and fun games in the free time. We left Mavrovo with a feeling that CID is growing stronger and is ready to build sustainable programmes.

The photos speak for themselves: