YE “Unity in Diversity” , 3-10.01.2018, Kirsehir, Turkey. 3rd of January at Skopje Alexander The Great Airport. Me on the gate, waiting for my participants from Macedonia. I was the group leader for the first time in this kind of project. Usually, i’m more into training courses, conferences, i’m working as a moderator as well. So, this Youth Exchange was big challeng for me, because somehow i had a role – team leader. And it’s not about leading and being the best, but it’s all about making connection with your participants. To make them feel free with me, to talk with me about problems, about good things, to encourage them to express their opinions during the project. To be honest, I was really afraid. And then when I met them i just said to myself “Be yourself”. So it happened. We had flight Skopje-Istanbul, Istanbul-Ankara, and then with bus to Kirsehir. 7 days full of joy, craziness, deep connection. The workshops were nice, maybe not the best i have ever attended, but this is a project that i will never forget. Right now, 3 days after the project i feel nostalgic. About all that contacts, talks, connections. It was very deep because it teached us about unity without teaching. We learned more about unity not from the workshops, but from us. From every individual in that place. From the hosting organisation, from the people in the hotel, from the participants, from the local people. And i just want to add this picture connected to my feelings about the project.
Sofija Stojanovska