Project place: Tortona, Italy

Project dates:  14th – 22nd March 2018

Application deadline: 4th February 2018



Intercultural learning (ICL) constitutes one of the most important dimensions of the European project and of the Erasmus+ Programme. And it is soon becoming a fundamental feature of modern societies. Intercultural learning was tentatively defined in different studies and conclusions during the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue (2008) as a process “that comprises an open and respectful exchange or interaction between individuals, groups and organizations with different cultural backgrounds or world views; whereas among its aims are: to develop a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives and practices; to increase participation and the freedom and ability to make choices; to foster equality; and to enhance creative processes” (European Parliament resolution of 19 January 2016 on the role of intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity and education in promoting EU fundamental values – 2015/2139(INI)).
ICL helps youth to better comprehend cultures in modern societies and respect them. It reinforces the communication between people from different cultures and stimulates social interaction. It also helps young people recognize the cultural diversity and recognize the common heritage of humanity. It is therefore a key competence in order to read and adapt to the challenges that Europe is now facing, referring in particular to a generic crisis of values and references and to the continuous influx of migrants and refugees. 
However, as educators, youth workers and organizers of youth events and activities at the local and at the European level, we feel that this dimension, so important and fundamental, is often given for granted in these projects or it’s diminished in what is usually called “the intercultural night”. We fear this is not how true ICL can be fostered and promoted, we see instead the risk that these practices of competing to present our own countries as touristic offices could be counterproductive, nourishing young people nationalism and radicalism. Therefore, we think it’s the moment to act and to go beyond intercultural learning, by experimenting new tools and approaches (I-LAB)!! 
We want, together, to renew our educational approach to ICL: we live in the first globalized society, where everything and everyone is interconnected and where stereotypes are everywhere… but to understand and internalize true ICL we need explanations, debriefings, debates and what we call a “human touch”. We are all (all our members, educators, trainers, youth workers, volunteers) feeling this need and we are all eager to contribute to the innovation process. The aim of our project is therefore to develop a new innovative approach to ICL and to consequently equip youth trainers, youth workers, organizers and volunteers with the necessary competences, knowledge and practical tools to foster a human and true intercultural dimension in all the projects they deliver (especially the ones under the E+ framework and especially those addressing refugees and migrants). 
In this way, we will train active multipliers able to intervene at the local level and to develop new events, raising social awareness towards true interculturalism in society and above all in the youth sector.
The overall objectives of the project are:

  • to start a shared and dynamic lab aimed at creating innovative methodologies and tools for intercultural dialogue and learning, with a specific attention to the inclusion and integration processes of young refugees and migrants in the local communities and in the youth organizations;
  • to contribute to the professional and personal development and to improve the competences of the youth workers and educators of partner organizations, providing tools, knowledge and skills useful to face the need for intercultural dialogue among young people and their communities
  • to contribute to improve quality in youth work, at the local and european level, keeping into consideration the changes and challenges of today’s society as for the inclusion and integration of young people with different cultural backgrounds;
  • to contribute to fight radicalization and xenophobia among young Europeans and local communities, providing with opportunities of intercultural dialogue and real and true encounters.

Non-formal education methods will be used and developed throughout the whole meeting. The activities are organised according to the needs of the participants while the sharing of experiences in healthy environments of trust and mutual respect is encouraged. Specifically, we will use, explore and develop innovative approaches and tools for ICL. 


  • 18-30 years old
  • youth workers, educators, trainers, volunteers and representatives of youth organisations
  • directly involved in youth organisations and youth projects, either at the local or international/European level
  • to have prior knowledge on the topics of intercultural dialogue/learning, international events and creation of NFE tools and methodologies, etc.
  • personal commitment for pilot testing and follow up activities
  • are able to communicate in English
  • willing to share their experience with CID



All costs related to accommodation and food will be covered by the hosting organization.
Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 275 EUR. Reimbursements will be done based on actual travel costs upon presenting the original documents and in accordance with conditions described in this call as well as with YEU standard reimbursement procedure.

Participation fee: 30 EUR

Sending fee: 500 MKD


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