The project Tool M&E Up was implemented between February 2017 and January 2018, by Fundatia Alaturi de Voi Romania, in partnership with 8 organisations from Europe.

The project was designed to gather youth workers from 9 partner countries for an initial training course in order to equip them with various participatory methods which the participants tested in their home communities in the period after the training. Our participants have held a workshop in the premises of the youth center, MultiКулти, with local young people. Viktor, one of the participants in the project who acted as a facilitator, shared with us the following:

We prepared a few activities (games, stories, energizers), so when the youngsters arrived, we were ready. As an evaluation process, we used sticky notes so they can freely express how they felt during the activities (they drew a smiley face on the stickers), and we had a small talk about their experiences with discrimination and bullying, about children that don’t have friends at school, about school fights, etc. They opened up easily because they wanted to share and express their thoughts. The results were that they enjoyed the activities, it was different from what they used to do every day and they felt happy; they learned a lot and invited us to join them in the other activities they are participating in at the youth center.




Another outcome of the project was the development of a short handbook on participatory methods for monitoring and evaluation for impact assessment, which is available for download below: