Supported by: Erasmus+ programme
Period: 31.12.2017 – 03.05.2019

Coordinator: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Partners: NGO React – Estonia, Istituto Morcelliano – Italy, Youth for Exchange and Understanding International – YEU – Belgium, Project 2020 – UK, CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation – South Africa, Young Diplomats of Canada – Les jeunes diplomates du Canada – Canada, Blogosphere Gomatracienne – DRC, World Vision for Education and Development (WVED) – Cameroon, Development Perspectives, Pacific Youth Council – Fiji

Description: The project is established on developing the Advocacy capacities of youth organizations and young people towards Civil Society in general, and developing competences of staff of civil society organizations to become champions of youth participation. It is intended as a long-term process providing youth engagement and sharing activities, including a youth exchange and 2 seminars and a practice space with local, national and global initiatives. Activities are designed in such a way as to maximize the outcomes and to ensure that the participants have enough space for applying the learned material and develop the targeted competences.


  • Situation mapping seminar and during the International Civil Society Week hosted by CIVICUS and PIANGO in Suva, Fiji from 4 to 9 December 2017. Youth workers and civil society leaders as participants will present different ideas and approaches for ensuring youth participation in civil society organizations as a mapping. The activity will produce a mapping report for civil society on mechanisms to improve youth participation within the non-profit sector.
  • Youth exchange – “Youth participation Parkour” in Nadi, Fiji from 2-10 December 2017. The youth exchange will last for 9 working days and will engage young people to speak up about what motivates them to participate and what is an obstacle for them to participate. The exchange will produce “the youth Parkour” which will be run by young people and will be organized as a dialogue exhibition during the international civil society week. On the Youth Parkour young people can present ideas and discuss with representatives from global civil society organizations at CIVICUS as well as directly engage with the alliance convening hundreds of leaders and civil society representatives around the globe. The exchange will have 6 young people accompanied by 2 group leaders.


  • Practice phase, each partner organization will choose 1 example from the ones showcased in the Parkour and in the situation mapping report and try to test it in their context. The youth worker/leader will make the necessary adaptations and test it with the target group (civil society organizations in the country), then the youth worker will finalize all the report from the testing and the relevant materials (spring-autumn 2018)


  • Final outcome seminar aims at evaluating the practice phase and for developing advanced proposals for increasing youth participation in civil society organizations. This outcome seminar will be a sort of Idea Lab aiming to conclude functional ideas for meaningful youth participation in the sector from planning, implementation, evaluation and decision-making. The Idea Lab will be done in Macedonia in autumn 2018 and will serve to present the final outcomes of the project.