Project place: Termini Imerese, Palermo, Italy

Project dates: 21st – 29th May 2018

Application deadline: 12th April 2018



“Youth Work for Employability” is a training course aiming at empowering youth workers and youth leaders with new skills and competencies to reinforce young people employability skills. The training course will gather 22 young people among youth leader, youth workers and facilitators from IT, MK, GR,FR, IS, BE, CZ, RO, ES, LV. The training course will empower participants with competencies to help themselves and young people they work with to gain employability skills useful for the labour market and life.

Planned activities will be based on active participation and non formal education methods such as focus group, brainstorming, simulation, role games with the aim to facilitate group dynamics, learning and sharing of best practices. Participants will contribute in the realization of new NFE material, methods, approaches, focused on youth empowerment and development of employability skills on young people which will be collected during the training course and shared online afterwards.


Objectives of the training course are:
– to improve cross-competencies of participants such as leadership, prevention management and resolution of problems and conflicts, teamwork skills, communication, etc. to experience new methods which can be transferred to target group afterwards or personal life
– to improve the intercultural competences of participants by working in an international context
– to improve and deepen knowledge of participants in the use of NF approaches and methods to enhance trasversal skills for young people’s employability
– to improve skills of participants in designing and implementing learning processes and developing educational activities through NFE to acquire skills for employability
– get awareness of the phenomenon of youth unemployment at the European level, mapping the skills needed for increasing the employability of young people, identifying educational processes for intervention
– to strengthen skills of participants in conducting projects involving young people with fewer opportunities and multicultural groups
– to share good practices among partner organizations and improve the quality of youth work.

This project will involve few participants facing economical and geographical difficulties.




  • Age above 18;
  • Youth leaders, youth workers, educators, facilitators and active volunteers who would like to increase their competences as leaders;
  • Interested or already involved in dealing with intercultural learning, conducting activities addressed to young people, to coordinate groups, to work in multicultural context and interested in the use of NF education methodologies;
  • Strongly motivated to participate;
  • Committed to take active role during the Training Course;
  • Able to conduct activity/game on a selected topic;
  • Good knowledge of English;
  • Willing to share their experience with CID

 Participants will contribute in the realization of new NFE material, methods, approaches, focused on youth empowerment and development of employability skills on young people which contents/material will be collected during the training and shared online afterwards. 
 Participants have to collect information about the phenomenon of youth unemployment in own country in order to share result during the training and shape together a map of competences young people should improve to enhance self employability.
 Participants are expected to act as multipliers once back home and to be able to use new competences in youth work at local or international level




All costs related to accommodation and food (three meals and two coffee breaks per day) will be covered by the hosting organization.

The idea of this Training Course is also to prepare participants to experience similar condition as youth projects, therefore, participants should be prepared for basic living conditions. All participants will be host in a big house managed by nuns, in the upper district of Termini Imerese in province of Palermo. Food will be organized by external catering but there will be also the possibility to prepare food in case of international evening and in some other days if participants would like to. In any case, participants will be asked to contribute in cleaning dishes, rooms, toilet and shower and common space and also in cooking in special occasion. 

There will have a limited portable internet connection.

Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 275 EUR. The reimbursement for your travel expenses will be made through bank transfer after the training course when the hosting organization will receive the originals of your travel documentation by post.



Participation fee: NONE

Sending fee: 500 MKD