Our volunteers from France – Baptiste Enormand and Baptiste Garnier – who are doing a 6-month volunteering project in our youth center, have decided to hold French classes for local youth. Why? Because there are a lot of young enthusiasts who are willing to learn a new language, and what a better way to do it than to learn it from and with native speakers? But French classes are not only about the language; through non-formal education activities, the participants are also learning cultural elements, are making new friends and discovering new ways of spending their free time.

Here is what Baptiste and Baptiste shared with us:

The aim of the classes is to learn a new language through games, talks and other exercises from and with native speakers. We look for entertainment through this process. This is our philosophy and we truly think that is one of the best way to learn a new language.

We are currently organising 3 different types of French classes:

  • Each Tuesday we organize a French conversation moment in Café Zafir. We gather between 5 and 10 people every time. The participants are advanced in French language and this is a moment for them to chat in French and share a good time with the other participants.
  • Then, every Thursday from 19:00 to 20:00 we organize a French class for beginners in the youth center, and we teach them the basics. This event is open to everyone who wants to learn the fundamental basics and be able to have a simple conversation in French.
  • Finally, once a week we join a French class in the Technical High School “Nace Bugjoni”, where we help the French teacher to organise activities with the pupils in a non-formal and fun manner.

Thanks to all of these events, we can share a part of the French culture and spend a good moment by learning languages. For us it’s a good way to understand cultural differences and this is always a great pleasure to share these moments with all the participants.