Supported by: USAID through the Civic Engagement Project

Period: 01.04.2018-31.01.2019

Description: The project aims to foster youth participation in decision-making processes by building capacities of young people to advocate for their needs. Through activities which use theatrical techniques and the CID Academy programme, the project will support youth to experience and pass through a process of personal, emotional and cognitive awareness of their potential, in order to better understand the importance and relevance of active youth participation in the community. This process includes workshops and activities that enable direct active involvement of young people in their communities.


1: To strengthen the capacities of youth, with their active involvement in decision making processes and creation of youth action-plans, by using psychodrama as a methodology for personal development and group belonging;

2: To support local advocacy initiatives based on youth ideas which are going to be addressed by decision-makers and relevant stakeholders on local level;

3: To create a common space for youth coming from various backgrounds by encouraging them to work together and overcoming their geographical, ethnic and/or cultural differences and focusing on their needs in the community.


  • Module 1 – 6 parallel workshops in Lipkovo, Staro Nagoricane and Kumanovo, focused on personal development
  • Module 2 – online module and research of the needs of the community
  • Module 3 – 6 joint workshops in Kumanovo with all groups combined, focused on youth activism and advocacy
  • Module 4 – 6 meetings with mentors and design and implementation of 5 local advocacy campaigns
  • Final event

Expected results:

  • Prepared young people for active participation in the local community;
  • Created a secure space for active participation of young people from different communities;
  • Promoted intercultural dialogue in the local community.