On 20th March, me, alongside 4 other participants met for the first time at the Skopje airport, ready to board our first flight of the day. We were off to an adventure. Heading through the crowds we were changing flights, busses and trains, determined to arrive to our final destination: Bedeille, France. Staying at the gorgeous Ferme de paillac, hidden in the countryside, we discussed and brainstormed ideas on changing the world, or at least a step towards a change. Working alongside 25 other participants from 5 different countries, for the next 10 days we focused on learning more on unity, breaking stereotypes and accepting diversity.


We also tried being more culturally open by learning French phrases, dancing Romanian dances, tasting amazing Czech goulash and testing our knowledge on Hungarian inventors. We traveled to the pink city, also known as Toulouse, where we got to work and discuss ideas with an organization which fights discrimination towards Roma people, went to Cazer where we interviewed citizens, to hear their opinion and experience with discrimination, and held a very successful exhibition. Overall an amazing experience. We learned a lot, got to challenge our comfort zones and made amazing friendships. Before we knew it, the last day had arrived and it was time to say goodbye, but really it is only a “till next time”.

So, till next time.

Marija Ljuseva