Project place: Krzyżowa, Poland

Project dates:  14th – 21th June 2018

Application deadline: URGENT!



“Activists against Xenocide” is an international training for professionals of non-formal education (18 years upwards) from Estonia, Germany, Greece, Macedonia, Poland, Serbia and the United Kingdom who are interested in the topic of migration and escape today and in the past and moreover want to learn methods (film and photography) on how to work on this topic with young people.

AaX consists of:

  • 8 day training in Krzyżowa, Poland (14.-21.06.2018)
  • Planning and carrying out micro projects with young people in their home towns
  • a 7 day youth meeting in Krzyżowa, Poland (08.-14.10.2018)

The training is part of a two-step project. Participants of the training are invited to carry out small projects (micro projects) on migration with young people in their home cities over the summer. They will have the chance to return to Krzyżowa with up to five young people for the international youth meeting taking place from 08.-14.10.2018. It is not obligatory to take part in the international youth meeting, but applicants with tangible ideas for carrying out projects will be given special consideration.




 Participants are encouraged to take part in an intercultural training and discuss during workshops, seminars and film-photo trainings political and historical experiences as well as knowledge of migration. Individual stories of people are in the centre of attention. Through the training participants address questions such as how can we humanly deal with the refugee situation, what do refugees actually experience, including the situation of the participant’s home countries (solidarity and discrimination) and how they can actively act and advocate for people in need. Furthermore, professionals demonstrate media skills which lead to higher qualification and enable youth workers to work in this area with young people and prepare them for the upcoming youth exchange.

Based on the impact on Europe’s societies we will closely examine, the process of European integration and the way of dealing with today’s migration and refugee situation in Europe. Apart from dominating narratives about refugees and migration today and in the past, that exist in the general European public, participants deal with personal stories of people who have undergone that fate and share their individual experiences.

Xenocide” is an invented, broader term to cover incidents like genocide and crimes against humanity. The term “activists” refers to people who saved others from suffering by resisting authorities committing xenocidal acts.

During a methodological workshops (film and photography) youth workers will be enabled to work on this topic with young people in their local communities. After the training, participants will use their expertise to carry out micro projects with young people in their home towns. They deal with the current need for standing up against violation of human rights and become active. With the help of film and photography, participants analyse the situation of migrants in their local community.

Furthermore participants get the chance to get trained in new methods and materials of “JustNow – A Toolbox for Teaching Human Rights”. It contains new materials that combine historical education and Human Rights education. Participants will get introduced to a website, animations, learning modules, manuals and examples of good practice.




* Lectures and discussion forums

* Excursion to the European Capital of Culture 2016, Wrocław

* (Media) workshops

* Micro projects

* one day training in “JustNow – A Toolbox for Teaching Human Rights”



  • Age above 18;
  • Interested in the topic and eager to learn new methods as well as carrying out a micro project;
  • Committed to international cooperation or be active in youth meetings, citizenship education or related fields of work with young people;
  • Have high level of English;
  • Willing to share their experience with CID.





All costs related to accommodation and food (three meals and two coffee breaks per day) will be covered by the hosting organization.

The international travel costs will be reimbursed up to 275 EUR. Reimbursements will be done in EUR after the mobility on the organisation’s account based on originals of tickets and invoices and travel reimbursement form signed by all participants.




Participation fee: 10 EUR 

Sending fee: 500 MKD