Project place: Florina, Greece

Project dates:  3rd – 10th September 2018

Application deadline: 31st July 2018 



Youth for Social and Solidarity Economy is an innovative Erasmus+ project, promoting the good practices in the social and solidarity economy amongst European countries. This project aims at enhancing the mobility of youth workers and youth leaders with previous experience on social economy, future youth leaders, already active or potential social entrepreneurs who are willing to share knowledge, experiences, and good practices on the theme. Participants can further inspire the young people they are working with, to become more active on the field of social economy.
Furthermore, the project aims at supporting the participants on developing business models that have the potential to solve social problems and support vulnerable groups of people.
NGO’s and Associations have major part in raising the awareness about social entrepreneurship. We wanted to gather people (youth workers, your leaders, youngsters with entrepreneurial spirit) to start to work on the topic of social entrepreneurship. We want to match people with same interest and work together on something concrete – international platform where in future will be provided information about the social entrepreneurship.
The aim of the project is: to ensure an entrepreneurial approach to solving social and environmental problems in the countries part of the project and to encourage and support the development of a new generation of social entrepreneurs.
The objectives for this project:
– To become inspired social entrepreneur or change-maker;
– To understand better the term “social entrepreneurship” and to raise knowledge and gain new experiences about it;
– To start the process of creating social venture through gaining skills and knowledge for writing projects ideas and business plan;
– To gain skills and knowledge that will help to the participant to get access to labor market;
– To discover or understand better the social and environmental problems in their countries and to get to know the situation in other countries;
– To be inspired and motivated to bring changes at home and start to work for improvement.

  • Age above 18;
  • Interested in the topic of social entrepreneurship;
  • Committed to work on the international platform;
  • Have good knowledge of English;
  • Willing to share their experience with CID.



All costs related to accommodation and food (three meals and two coffee breaks per day) will be covered by the hosting organization.
The international travel costs will be reimbursed up to 180 EUR. Reimbursements will be done in EUR after the mobility based on originals of tickets and invoices.

Participation fee: NONE

Sending fee: 500 MKD