Project place: Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Center in Romania

Project dates:  1st September 2018 – 31st August 2019 (12 months)

Application deadline: 18th June 2018




Since its founding in 2004, Cluj-Napoca Volunteer Center (CNVC) followed its mission that is to develop volunteerism as a means of involving citizens in solving out the problems of the Cluj-Napoca community. Also, CNVC focused on hosting international volunteers and sending Romanian volunteers to do volunteering stages in organizations throughout Europe. Find out more about CNVC here and here 

Having this experience they initiated the project `EVS Seeds` in order to support and encourage other public institutions and NGO`s in Cluj-Napoca to develop through working with international volunteers. In the first year of this project they plan to host 8 volunteers who will have activities in 8 different organizations, providing them with the experience of working together with international volunteers and inspiring them to implement their own international volunteering projects. On the other hand, for the volunteers, they prepared an enriching context, by selecting 8 very different and active organizations in Cluj-Napoca`s community, where they can develop both personally and professionally on very varied levels.


Main activities of the volunteers

The first month of the stage (September) is the induction period, which consists of trainings and activities that will help volunteers accommodate to the new working and cultural environment. Starting with the second month, the 8 volunteers, grouped in teams of two, will work in 2 of the selected organizations and public institutions, in each, for 2 days a week. One day a week will be spent at the hosting organization, CVCN, where the volunteers will plan their activities, develop new ideas and evaluate their progress in the learning journey. 

The total number of volunteering hours/week will be between 30 and 35.

Below you`ll find the description of the 2 types of volunteering stages that are still available (for the Seeds of Boldness and for the Seeds of Empathy the volunteers are already selected):


A. Seeds of Vitality

Main activities will take place in Transylvania College ( ) and Raluca Educational Center (CER) ( )

Summary of activities:

In Transylvania College:

– The volunteers will produce content and design for promotional materials and offer support to the students in the school library.
– They will also contribute to organizing events, help organizing during lunch time and, if suitable, assist teachers in their classes.

In Raluca Educational Center (CER):

– The volunteers will facilitate activities in the day center for young people with Down syndrome, in order to help them socialize, learn new things and become more independent. The activities are: hand-made workshop, team-building exercises, English classes, personal autonomy trainings and dance/zumba/fitness classes.
– They will also participate in the CER summer vacation, which will take place for 2 weeks in August at the Romanian seaside. There they will facilitate educational and leisure activities for the beneficiaries.

Volunteer`s profile:

– willingness to work with people with disabilities
– good communication skills
– dance or fitness class facilitating abilities or interest
– crafts and handmade skills
– above average English speaking skills
– responsibility
– open-mindedness


B. Seeds of Kindness

Main activities will take place in Department of Social and Medical Assistance (DASM) ( ) and Something New ( )

Summary of activities:

In Department of Social and Medical Assistance (DASM):

– The volunteers will facilitate after-school activities in Tara Minunilor day center. The beneficiaries of this center are children aged between 6 and 12 years old who live in underprivileged areas near Cluj-Napoca.
Here the volunteers will do leisure and educational activities such as: English classes, support with homework, outdoor, sports or cultural-artistic activities and events, development of personal autonomy trainings, civic education exercises etc.
– Also the volunteers will have activities in the Socio-Medical Services Center, where the beneficiaries are children with physical or neurologic health issues. Here they will perform socio-educational animation and organize theater, art or music workshops for the beneficiaries.
– They will contribute in organizing events and information sessions on different subjects (education, health, parenting, etc.) for the beneficiaries` parents.

In Something New:

– The volunteers will facilitate activities for the beneficiaries, children aged between 6 and 15 years old, in the Something New day center. Here they will facilitate educational activities, such as helping with homework or teaching their native language or English. Also they will facilitate leisure activities such as handmade workshops, cooking classes, sports, etc.
– They will also contribute at planning, organizing and implementing public events for different occasions, such as the Charity Marathon, the Christmas Market, etc.

Profile of the volunteer:

– willingness to work with underprivileged children and young people
– willingness to work with children with disabilities
– good communication skills
– any type of artistic abilities
– responsibility
– open-mindedness



Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The accommodation will be arranged by CNVC, the hosting organization. Two volunteers will share a room in a rented flat, in Cluj-Napoca. All the expenses related to the accommodation will be covered through the project.

Each volunteer will receive money for food and pocket money, every month according to the Erasmus+ standards.

Also the local transport costs related to the volunteering activities will be covered.


How to apply

Send your CV and motivation letter at until the 18th of June, with the subject “Application for EVS Seeds”. In the email please mention for which of the 2 stages do you apply.

For additional information please write on the same address. Between the 19th and the 26th of June there will be Skype interviews with the candidates in order to get to know each other better before the final decision regarding the selection.