As a country that is on the list of candidate states to joining the European Union, Macedonia is actively working on implementing reforms and on informing its citizens about the EU structure and functioning. One of the milestones is the yearly celebration of Europe Day, which is traditionally celebrated on May 9.

In order to keep the tradition, CID collaborated with the Municipality of Kumanovo to join the City Celebration on the main square of the town with interactive activities. This included a presentation of the volunteers’ work, a presentation of different projects currently running in CID and interactive games for the visitors, to give them a taste on what activities they can join the MultiКулти Youth Center.

The event was organized in a way that different organisations and schools presented different member states of the European Union in interactive presentations. This year CID presented Greece and Croatia. For these presentations, volunteers prepared interactive quizzes to get to know these countries better and to learn interesting facts about them. A lot of young people joined and were informed, and some of them received small presents for answering correctly the quiz questions. From the youth center, the volunteers presented the best board games for the young, and the newly established volunteer clubs that youngsters 13-18 y.o. can join. For this season we presented the Journalism Club, Hiking Club, Guitar tutoring, Arts and crafts Club, and Drama Club.

Young people could get to know also about the different projects that CID is currently running. The event was celebrated in a positive atmosphere and joy. A lot of new volunteers enrolled to the volunteer groups, helping to achieve our objectives.