Project places and dates:  

  • Rome, Italy 26/8/2018 – 3/9/2018 closed!

  • Barcelona, Spain 6/9/2018 – 14/9/2018

  • Poznan, Poland December 2018-January 2019



SCI Hellas, as coordinating organization, along with SCI Catalunya, SCI Italy, and OWA Poland, as partner organizations, are happy to announce the implementation of three study camps on the impact international volunteering has had throughout the years. The project is called “Volunteering vs Violence” and aims to give the participants all the tools necessary to understand the relevance of international volunteering, especially in times of conflict or change. Given the various locations, each camp will have different activities and will focus on a different time frame: from 1920 to 1945 for Catalunya, 1945-1989 for Italy, and 1989-nowadays for Poland. After the implementation of the study camps, a final conference will be held in Athens in March 2019 to present, share, and discuss the results of the project.

The camps have as objective the study of the development of the international voluntary service and volunteering but both the activities and the tools that will be used are going to be different for each camp; visits to voluntary-based facilities, active participation in the organizations’ events, making research on past volunteering experiences as well as interviews with past volunteers and discussions on these topics are examples of the kind of activities participants will take part in.




– age above 18;
– be interested in Volunteering and have some knowledge on this topic;
– be able to communicate well and work in English;
– willing to share their experience with CID.



Financial Conditions

The food and accommodation of the participants will be fully covered. Reimbursement of the travel tickets will be up to 120 euros. No application fee needs to be paid by the applicants. We encourage you to use environmentally friendly transport (bus, train, car sharing) when possible.



How to apply

Contact the partners organizations for information regarding the application:



Participation fee: NONE

Sending fee: 500 MKD