Everyone likes challenges; they make us grow, discover new things, feel alive. This is what we had in mind when we decided to bring a set of challenges to one of the most popular festivals in Macedonia – D Festival. This year it was held between 6-9 of July in the already well-known location of Dojran. Thousands of people, dozens of bands, 5  stages and great selection of daily activities for the visitors of the festival.

For the 3rd time CID took the challenge to join the festival with a team of enthusiastic volunteers who would occupy a corner of the festival village and invite the festival guests to participate in their activity. Called ”Mission Impossible”, the activity challenged the passers-by to pop a balloon, get a challenge and execute it. The successful completion of the challenge would grant them a prize. This is why during the 3 days of the festival you may have seen people hugging trees, reciting poems tot he flowers, declaring their love to strangers or running around while being chased by balloons.

The result? A lot of laughter, good mood, new friendships, and a boost of self-confidence that was dominating the corner with a strong energy. The volunteers enjoyed bringing positive experiences to the other guests of the festival, sending the message that a festival spot can also be a community where we have fun while remembering to take care of each other and to develop our curiosity to learn and discover more.