Project place: refugee center in Athens, Greece

Project dates: 24th – 29th September 2018

Application deadline: 12th August 2018



SCI has been working to promote peace, non-violence, human rights, social justice & international understanding as an alternative to war since 1920. Through this initiative we want to draw increased attention both within and outside our movement to the discrimination of large numbers of young people throughout the EU who, on a regular basis, are subject to victimization, stereotyping, lack of human rights and violence; Continue to expose & counteract these different forms of social exclusion, create more understanding & empathy for, and express our solidarity, with the victimized groups and individuals.

We want to address issues and needs which are often ignored in public or political debate as well as in mainstream media: physical, oral & structural violence against women and against those with sexual orientations different from heterosexual. With these key objectives in mind, we would like now to go further by reinforcing our efforts in this field and making them more visible, outreaching & sustainable by creating a pool of “SCI Gender Blender Ambassadors” to prepare and implement awareness-raising and educational workshops in the existing structured programme of international workcamps, youth meetings & seminars that are taking place annually in the SCI & partners’ network.

“Free to be you and me: Courage and tools to create peace and safety for people of all genders and sexualities” consists of four integral components:

  1. Increasing knowledge, skills and competences and together elaborate new workshops to promote awareness-raising and motivate more young people to become active in fighting violence, stereotyping, discrimination and exclusion towards these target groups. 
  2. Producing a Toolkit Guide for coordinators with information on genders and sexualities and with workshops on the topic
  3. Putting theory into practice: Spreading and multiplying the impact & scope of the objectives by means of the Implementation of workshops and integration of gender issues into international youth exchanges, as well as by educating coordinators of youth exchanges to take up these topics in their youth exchange projects
  4. Planning new projects focusing specifically on the main topics of the project.

The seminar in Greece is open for those who already took part in some SCI Gender Blender activities, as well as new activists who wish to become more involved. The project will deliver an ideal environment for exchanges, learning, confrontation… We believe that these topics & non-formal methods are an excellent context to promote intercultural exchange and reflect in a tolerant, fluid and open-minded way. Violence against women and LGBT discrimination & exclusion are not discretionary or anecdotic topics but a prism through which we can strongly feel the cultural and ethical questions that are structuring the EU culture & values. To summarize : the more a country exposes & fights against gender violence and welcomes the LGBT identities, presences, manifestations…, the more its attachment to Europe is strong and unequivocal. The more they reject it, the more it plays its difference, its distance with Europe and its values.


Main Aims and contents of this seminar
 Elaboration and completion of an SCI Gender Blender Toolkit
 Exchanging on experiences made over the last year – best practice exchange
 Exchange of new methods and ideas
 Reflection on the developments in Europe and around the world – what does safety for all entail and where is it being challenged?
 Planning of new projects & activities (either international or at local level)
 How to continue cooperation with and get support from SCI branches and/or engage in peer-to-peer education


 Reporting of best practice projects/activities (workshops?)
 Working on the tools and the toolkit
 Non-formal education – sharing knowledge & competences, taking common responsibility
 Individual &group creative work on new projects
 Videos, films
 Relaxation, party, fun & games

On some days the seminar also foresees evening sessions.

All participants will be expected and stimulated to contribute to the discussions. Examples of best practice (whether written/oral or in a workshop/exercise) and/or ideas for new activities would be highly welcome!

Recruitment of participants

All participants selected for this project must meet the following criteria:
 18 years old or older
 At least a basic understanding of the fields gender and sexuality
 Ability to work in English language
 High interest in the training topics and have strong motivation to act as multiplier
 Commit to implement the learned knowledge and skills in practice back home;
 Commit to send a report of the Berlin seminar to your sending organisation;
 Commit to actively participate from the beginning to the end of the training



Financial and practical conditions of participation:

All essential costs of the programme in Greece (including food, accommodation and training) will be covered by SCI-Hellas. The food will be both vegetarian & vegan.
International travel costs will be reimbursed 100% up to 180 € on condition that we receive all necessary documents (invoices, tickets, boarding cards etc.) within two months after the event.



Participation fee: NONE

Sending fee: 500 MKD