The Seminar “Share, Experience, Get Inspired-Enjoy the diversity of non-formal learning tools” took place from 24th to 28th October 2018 in Loppem, Belgium. It was organized by SCI International Secretariat and co-financed under the Erasmus+ Programme.

The aim of the seminar was to support the professional development of trainers, educators and youth workers by enhancing their competences and fostering creativity, participation, sharing, cooperation, mutual learning and innovation in the field of non-formal learning.

The event comprised of 40 hours of sessions on a range of topics, including creative and experimental education, visual facilitation, online learning and digital tools, and development of trainers competences while working with diverse target groups.

This is what the 3 participants from Macedonia have to say about the seminar:

Hristina Tanevska

“I really enjoyed being part of this seminar. It was quite an experience to participate in all the workshops and learn more about non-formal education and different and new tools and methods for learning. I am happy that I met new people with whom I had great time during the project.”

Fatlinda Zeqiri

“This seminar is one of the most perspective-changing projects I’ve ever participated in. I was part of a group of great participants coming from different cultures, where I had the opportunity to know more about them and deepen my knowledge while sharing experiences and getting inspired to continue for more.”

Konstantin Solarski:

“It was an incredible experience to work with around 35 people that have a lot of experience as youth workers, trainers, activists and educators. Even if the project was only 5 days, I really felt the spirit of the group working like more than a week or two. The organization, friendship and work were always with us. I have learned many things that will benefit me in further activities. I was delighted with the work of every participant. Spontaneously and on the other hand organized, every participant did his/her job perfectly. With such a group of people, it’s always easier to work and achieve positive results. I hope to collaborate with the facilitators, other participants and organization at least one more time.”