One of the activities that young people coming to our youth center enjoy the most is playing sports together. Sport is a universal language and it brings communities together, so we decided to take it outside and to bring youth from different schools in one place to play and learn together.

Thus on October 27th, around 60 young people from 6 primary schools in Kumanovo and its surroundings participated in a ping-pong tournament. Both girls and boys enjoyed the competition and the spirit created by the teams that were practicing to be the best. The idea of the project ”MultiКулти’s got Champions!” was born when our French volunteers, Baptiste and Baptiste, were organising such competitions in the youth center and noticed the huge popularity it had among local youth.

Organised with the support of the French Embassy and with co-funding from the Regional Youth Cooperation Office, the 1-day tournament promoted intercultural dialogue and cooperation between communities through learning and playing together. The winners for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place took home colorful prizes and warm memories from the tournament.

The tournament was applauded by the teachers who were mentors for the participants and who would like to see more events like this one being organised in Kumanovo. The youngsters can come to the youth center and play ping-pong and engage in other joint activities every day from 10:00 to 17:00.