This is not my first training course, but it is definitely my favorite one! Autumn, a resort far away from the city, people from many different countries  and  7 days filled with joy.

The training course ”Using dialogue to build community” that took place in Maastricht, Netherlands was a unique learning experience and a great opportunity for me to learn about dialogue, to have many of them and eventually, to facilitate one, but also to express and understand myself from the core of who I am.

The days were quite intensive; we learned a lot, we listened, we talked, we shared practices, opinions, ideas, we had a blast and we made memories and friends that will last for a lifetime.  Each day, we had a few workshops about different topics such as emotions, dreams, religion, art, poems, etc., and through the points of view and the empathy that all of the participants shared, we created a strong bond and a positive energy that was sparkling in the air, and it was amazing.

The highlight of the training course, for me, was the opportunity to facilitate a dialogue with a group of students from  ”United World College”.  It was such a challenge for me, and I was super excited to share all the knowledge I have gained on the course with the students.

At the end of the training course I came back in Macedonia with a completely new mindset, motivated to make some positive changes in my life and thankful to CID for this opportunity.