Between September 8-21, I attended a study camp named ”Reducing waste now!”, held in Berlin, Germany.

This event was truly an amazing experience, many thanks to SCI for the organization and to the best camp leaders for the effort to teach us and transfer their knowledge. The group of participants was small, compact and eager to share, learn and discuss. The main goal of the study camp was to provide us with the best practice solutions in waste reduction, waste management and sustainable living lifestyle, solutions that will create positive impact on the environment, nature and climate change.

The activities and workshops were very enlightening and interesting. We tried to live by the zero waste philosophy. We did waste free shopping and we learned how to reuse products and make flower pots out of jar jams and coffee packages, wallets and storage boxes out of milk boxes, and how to make our own cosmetics with organic ingredients etc.

Berlin was the perfect place to have this camp because of the so many inspirational environmental initiatives and well aware society about these topics. I was really amazed by the fact that in the very center of Berlin you can find urban gardens, an agricultural space where locals, kids and passers-by gather to observe and even help with growing potatoes, herbs and vegetables.