Open for participants from: Macedonia, Belgium, United Kingdom

Project place: Skopje/Kumanovo, Macedonia 

Project dates: January x-x 2019

Application deadline: 31st December 2018


Alter-narration is a 14-month strategic partnership that provides young people and youth workers with a unique opportunity to be change-makers. The digital resources and materials platform stands to be the only one of its type across Europe that has combating hate speech and violent radicalisation training and development agendas and youth engagement interwoven within the fabric of the initiative. Alter-narration will be a premium example of action learning involving a multitude of new skills for participants. The premise of Alter-narration is to empower young people within different geographical regions to conduct capacity building via digital means that relate to their existence in the EU youth policy.

The aim of the project is to inform and inspire positive action. Once engaged, users will be presented with a communication bridge to influencers and a plethora of engagement options that inspire positive action. Users can explore content produced to help combat hate speech and radicalisation – specific to their region. A key component to the digital content delivery is raising the awareness of the subject matters addressed to a wider audience. Relating to this point all content will be shareable via social media options.

The project outputs are:

1. Study: “Radicalisation in Online sphere- forms and prevention practices”.
2. Handbook: Developing Alternative Narratives Through Youth Work.
3. Digital Stories: Videos of Personal Stories and Statistics as a Counter Narrative.

The project partners are:

  • Peshkar Productions Ltd. (lead partner, UK)
  • Out of the Box International (Belgium)
  • Center for Intercultural Dialogue (Macedonia)


The 5-day seminar will gather youth workers, artists and practitioners in the field of education for youth for the following purpose:

  • to discuss and come up with common solutions on how online radicalisation can be spotted and countered by using alternative narratives;
  • to share good practices from the participants’ environments and to discuss their transnational applicability;
  • to present the outputs of the project and to project possible opportunities for their use in working with young people.

Participants are invited to contribute actively with their knowledge and to be open about their further learning needs.


  • age above 18
  • youth work practitioners (youth workers, youth leaders, trainers, facilitators, activists, NGO staff members and volunteers, artists, etc.)
  • interested in the topic covered by the seminar
  • able to work and communicate in English
  • willing to share their experience in their local working context.


In order to apply, please fill in the form attached below. Only selected participants will be contacted by e-mail.

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