The main aim of this project is to provide an opportunity to emerging youth workers to gain knowledge, skills and practical experience necessary for supporting youth especially those from marginal backgrounds. The project will contribute to the professional development of a group of youth workers in education and/or training in Macedonia, Estonia and the United Kingdom through involving them in training and practical working experience in both nations, as well as through developing tools both off and online that they can use in their future work in this field. One of the major aims of the collaboration is the development of accreditation and recognition of professional youth work in the UK, Estonia and Macedonia as well as Europe and even on a Global context. 

This strategic partnership project provides a platform for exchange of good practices among organizations active in the youth field, experienced in using educational tools for supporting young people’s development as individuals and members of the society. The project builds upon the past experiences of organizations from different countries and seeks to utilize the results of their work in the best way possible, through creating partnership that will be based on sharing successful methodology, reflecting on practice and developing new and innovative tools that can be widely used in the youth field in Europe.



Long-Term Mobility in Kumanovo, Macedonia – 10 month term opportunity for Estonia and UK based youth workers (flexible start date options)

Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) is a civil society organisation located in Kumanovo, Macedonia, that works on local, national and international levels in the area of education for youth, peace promotion, community development.

CID has 2 active headquarters: the main office and the youth center MultiКулти where this project is based. The youth center, opened in 2010, hosts young people on a daily basis, offering them interesting workshops and activities that develop their communication and intercultural skills, public speech, creativity, etc. They have a local volunteer club that develops activities and they also send and receive volunteers and offer mobility opportunities around Europe for youth and on a global level. They also work on projects that address social inclusion, intercultural dialogue, gender equality and employability, etc.

This placement involves working with young people in the youth center, supporting the activities and young people as well as developing your own ideas, workshops and support systems for the youth provision in the city. Among the tasks of the youth worker is also a contribution to the learning platform https://www.thefutureofyouthwork.cymru/



  • 18+ years old
  • youth workers
  • dedicated to work with youth
  • flexible and easy adaptable 
  • willing to try new methods for working with youth




This project is supported by Erasmus+ programme.

All costs (accommodation, utilities, transportation, materials) will be covered.

Travel costs will be reimbursed according to the rules of Erasmus+ programme.

The youth worker will receive monthly allowance of 300 EUR.




Send your CV and motivational letter to d.carter@hiraethcic.org for UK and saugaank@torivald.ee for Estonia, stating in the subject: Mobility of Youth Work in Macedonia.