Young people will tell you louder than anyone that peace and friendship lay at the foundation of prosperity in the Western Balkan 6. In order to prove that, young people from Kumanovo have presented the outcomes from the activities that were part of 2 projects supported by Regional Youth Cooperation Office: BalCAN Change (implemented by CID) and Youth on the Mov(i)e (implemented by Centar za društveno ekonomski razvoj). The event, named ”Exhibition for Diversity”, took place in the space of the municipality (Komitet) in Kumanovo, and was open to anyone interested in joining.

After the presentation of the two projects in short, the participants presented the postcards and the videos they created during the activities of the projects. Besides showcasing their creativity, they potentiated that intercultural dialogue is something that we need to be aware of and promote as a transversal value, because many times people focus on their differences and forget to value what they have in common.

While working on these artistic outomes, we understood that our difference bring us together; they highlight how unique and creative we all are and prove that, if we use this creativity for a greater goal, our differences will not divide but unite us”, commented one of the participants, Emil Cvetkovski.

In the meantime, the project BalCAN Change will continue with a regional Caravan that will showcase the results of the activities in all the partner towns.