Our journey with Youth Participation Parkour has come to an end with The Final Outcome Seminar. Between 10-16 February in Kumanovo we hosted the final event of the project. There were participants from Canada, Cameroon, South Africa, Island, Belgium, Estonia and Italy. In these days youth workers had the chance to exchange different recommendation on the topic of youth participation in general.

In the framework of the seminar we organized two different panel discussions. The first one was held in the premises of our youth center MultiKulti. Besides the participants of the seminar there were local youth workers, young people as direct actors within civil society and teachers as supporters of greater youth participation within the formal education. The discussion aimed to explore the topic of youth participation in Kumanovo and Macedonia, and explore different tools and mechanisms used to increase youth participation in the civil society, formal educational systems and the society in general.

The second panel discussion was hosted in the premises of Youth Office of the Municipality of Centar in Skopje. There were representatives from National Youth Council of Macedonia, Youth Educational Forum, Regional Youth Cooperation Office, Scout Association of Macedonia and Government representatives. We shared the current situation of youth sector, the ongoing processes for youth participation and different tools and mechanisms to help improve youth involvement in civil society.

As a final outcome of this seminar a draft of recommendations will be created.

The project is funded by the Erasmus + programme of the European Commission.

More photos from the seminar can be found here.